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Jared Culpepper

Job Description

Inside Sales; I assist our existing and new customers with finding the right products for their needs.

Education or Accreditations

I've worked in printing and promotional products for about a decade. I've also worked in professional theatre for 22 years.

Work Background

I previously worked with JPT Graphics and worked with Irie Promotional for five years before returning to JPT.

Area of Expertise

My strength is in helping people find the right promotions and advertising materials to help form a cohesive and effective image.


I'm punctual, attentive, creative, and patient. I enjoy working with a team and view my clients as collaborators.


As I said above, I work in professional theatre. I currently direct and produce more than act, but I still step on stage when the right role presents itself. I enjoy reading and writing and am a bit of a grab-bag nerd (comics, literature, sci-fi/fantasy flicks, video games). My sports obsessions are Auburn Tigers football and Dallas Mavericks basketball.

Favorite Saying

"Wonder is the salt of the earth." - MC Escher

Favorite Song

Stand by Me, Ben E. King

Favorite Movie

This could be a long list, but I'll pick 5 off top of my head:

1) American Beauty, 2) Tommy Boy, 3) Wayne's World, 4) Tombstone, 5) Anything Wes Anderson

Favorite Book

I like all of the Dresden Files books but my current reading addictions are comic book series: Walking Dead and Saga (again, nerd).

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