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Go Green

Go Green
JPT Graphics promotes Green business and environmental responsibility. We encourage you to do the same with your business. By promoting the fact that you are Green aware, and by engaging your customers/prospects in taking action, everyone benefits.

Due to a recent increase in eco-friendly practices in the United States and throughout the world, industries and businesses are all beginning to implement eco-friendly practices. You can outline your steps in this direction just as we are outlining ours below:

    The Right Target Market – One important practice of eco-friendly printing is the establishment of the right target market. Before printing is even done, determining the right market for your piece, will greatly help reduce excessive production and demand. This way, you, our customer, can print the exact amount rather than waste resources on surplus. This also prevents wastage, junk mail, and paper garbage.

    Soy-Based Inks – Eco-friendly online printing companies today make use of soy-based inks for their printed products. These inks are said to have reduced emissions of harmful volatile organic compounds or VOC’s in the air. This practice is said to be safe not only for customers but also for printing employees. The use of soy-based inks is said to make the workplace, a cleaner and healthier one.

    Aqueous Coatings – We also make use of water-based or aqueous (AQ) coatings as a finish for better bio-degradability and fast-drying times. AQ coating is used to achieve both glossy and matte finishes.

    Recycling Paper Scraps – Environmentally-conscious companies choose to recycle all their paper scraps and ink refuse. All paper and ink scraps from printing are brought to a recycling plant for reuse and recycling.

    Certified Recycled Paper – We also make use of 10 to as much as 30 percent recycled paper stock from Sustainable Forest Initiative or SFI and Forest Stewardship Council or FSC certified forests. Ask us about using recycled paper on your next print job.

We can provide marketing and collateral material in the 'Green Theme' so you can share your eco-friendly outlook with your residents and prospects. Ask your customer service representative for details.