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Direct Mail

Design, print and deliver to the customer mailbox, JPT can take your ideas and translate them into stunning direct mail pieces. Our direct mail specialists can help you define your target audience, create a mailing list for that demographic, and deliver your message straight into their hands in a visual, informative way that will draw them to your place of business.


Mailing List Compilation

Over 40 million Americans change their address annually, which creates formidable obstacles in maintaining a high-quality mailing list. The NCOA (National Change of Address System) makes change-of-address information available to mailers to help reduce undeliverable mailpieces before mail enters the mailstream. Every effort is made to compile accurate lists based on occupancy.

Mailing List Types

  • TARGETED COMPETITOR: Most of our multi-family direct mailers are sent out to targeted competitors. This database is updated about every 60 days, but you can expect some returns (+/-5%) on your First Class mailings.
  • CARRIER ROUTE: Other types of businesses generally want to mail to entire zip codes. These addresses are compiled by carrier route.

Mailing List Submission

You may certainly submit your own mailing list. Please make sure it is in an Excel spreadsheet, or a comma or tab separated file with field headers. JPT will take NO responsibility for the accuracy of provided mailing lists.


Bar coding and addresses are printed onto the final product by an inkjet addressing machine. There are charges for this service which will be included in your quote. Please always specify alternate names if desired such as: "CURRENT RESIDENT".


JPT Graphics assumes responsibility for delivering your direct mail piece to the appropriate United States Postal Service mail center. We guarantee neither delivery nor a delivery time. Lost or undelivered jobs prepared by JPT Graphics and delivered by JPT Graphics or its agent against a USPS receipt must still be paid for in full.

Postage Types

  • FIRST CLASS: Mailed first class pieces generally take from 1 to 4 days for the USPS to deliver, depending on the addressee’s proximity to the USPS facility receiving the mailing pieces from JPT Graphics or its agent.
  • STANDARD PRESORT (previously known as bulk mail): Standard mailings have delivery times of 7 to 14 days; we have known of cases where it takes still longer. If you have dated material, we strongly urge you to specify First Class mail.
  • BUSINESS REPLY MAIL: If you have a mailer that requires a Business Reply we can print that for you. However, you will need to apply for the permit, and provide us with the approved artwork furnished to you by the post office. JPT will not use its own business reply permit nor will we assume any responsibility for the payment of the postage for the returned pieces.

Mail Permits

We are unable to print direct mail pieces with your bulk permit unless it is issued by a United States Post Office in the immediate Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Standard sort mail must be delivered to the issuing post office. For customers outside the DFW area or for those who do not have a permit, the piece will be printed with our Standard Postal Indicia or with First Class Mail (see PAYMENT below).


Postage is DUE IN FULL before your mailing piece goes to press. Your job will be on hold until a check for at least the postage is received, as well as your agreement to pay the balance of the order in full on or before the terms stated on the invoice, regardless of outcome or effectiveness of the direct mailing.


Our direct mail specialists will be happy to present you with a quote for your project. Often, an exact quote cannot be given until all the addresses are pulled and exact numbers compiled but we'll be able to give you all the design, list compilation, and printing quotes along with a ballpark estimate on the addressing and postage.

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