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Custom Order Portals Powered By Jet Proof Templates™

Ordering business cards and other print procurement has been a long term problem for all businesses. JPT has the solution you seek… a custom order portal powered by our own efficient Jet Proof Templates™.

It's simple! You determine the items you want displayed on your order site. Pre-determined formats and templates assure that only approved products are purchased.

The technology works for both static (non-changing) items and for those with variable data, such as your business cards. We build Jet Proof Templates™ for each product. Your purchasers log on, personalize the item, then see an INSTANT online proof.

Set up of your site is FREE! We will put all of your templates up on your initial order portal for no charge. Changes to existing templates does incur charges. To update a variable data template is $15.00 each and to update a static template is $10.00 each.

The approval process includes two-steps in case your firm wants a manager to approve the order. Step one is to approve the proof. Step two is to order an approved proof. Then just confirm the default shipping address or type in an alternate address… and VOILA, the order is on its way.

On our end the job goes to press immediately, much faster than traditional methods. Before Jet Proof Templates™ was developed, an order would come in, get written up, given to the production manager, be assigned to an artist, artwork created, proofs emailed, corrections made, more proofs, approvals faxed in which would go through a final internal proofing and THEN get sent to press. The Jet Proof Templates™ technology has removed days, in some cases weeks, from the turnaround time.

JPT Test Drive JET Proof Templates

Take a "test drive" on our DEMO site to see just how easy ordering can be. Then ask your customer service representative for details on setting up a portal for your company.


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