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JPT Founders Simon and Shirley Lewenstein

JPT Graphics is a full-service graphics company located in Irving, Texas (in the heart of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex). Founded in 1984 by Simon and Shirley Lewenstein, JPT stands for their children, Justin, Pancho, Tita and Tom…

Originally art, design and typography were the sole focus of JPT. Today, JPT offers a full complement of products and services and is still governed by that same family business motto…

"Doing a great job, at a fair price will result in long-term, satisfied customers!"

We've successfully collaborated with many different types of businesses to translate their mission and philosophy into a visual language that speaks directly to their client list. Our design philosophy is simple — we believe in well-thought-out solutions that emphasize ease of use, supported by eye-catching visuals.

Over the past 25 years the evolution of JPT has been toward service to the multi-family housing industry. While that is by no means 100% of our clientele, it is with that customer base in mind that we display here on our website a few of the products and services we provide.

On staff, we have a full complement of talented graphic and web designers, experienced in many facets of marketing, printing and advertising. So, no matter how large or small your next project, JPT stands ready to assist you.


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